The COMBI course was held within the programme of the UEU – “Udako Euskal Unibertsitatea” –  Basque Summer University – an Basque-only institution which organizes open courses during the whole year (despite its name). UEU gained a high academic and social prestige in the last few years.

Ten people signed up for the course, all language teachers or language policy officials from public or private institutions.

 This was the first time a “COMBI course” was organised. The centre of the course was COMBI methodology, that means chapters B and C. The rest of the Toolkit was explained as information, without working on it. The subjects from the COMBI toolkit – methodology and others – gave teachers training material for more than two days.

The use of a “third language” – in this case German, a language none of the participants spoke – gave the participants an understanding on how the use of real material as well as physical action and a work around concrete situations substantially increases the learning process.

Master for the first time next year, with COMBI methodology in the programme: “Language management in healthcare: euskara in clinical comunications”:

Hizkuntzen kudeaketa osasun arretan: euskara komunikazio klinikoan