The COMBI “Communication competences for migrants and disadvantaged background learners in bilingual work environments” project is organising a multiplier event on the 12th of June 2018 in Palermo (taly). The project involves six partners from five different countries: Fryske Akademy (coordinator, The Netherlands), Elhuyar-Zubize (Spain), Banaiz Bagara elkartea (Spain), Axxell Utbildning AB (Finland), Swansea University (United Kingdom), Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” (Italy). The goal of the COMBI project is to develop innovative and inclusive/systemic practices and methods focused on acquiring communication competences in the languages required in the workplace. The aim of the method is not to acquire full competences in two or more languages, but to make sure that the regional language is taken into consideration as far as it fulfils language requirements in the workplace. The multiplier event in Palermo will be an important occasion to present the results of the project. In particular, on the 12th of June Gwennan Higham, from Swansea University, will present the first result of the project “IO1: Needs assessment and collection of good practices”. Petra Elser will introduce “IO2: Teacher Training Toolkit”. Elina Tuomikoski and Jutta Kosola from Axell, Finland will present “IO 4: Development of Modules” while Johanneke Buning, from Fryske Akademy, will present “IO6 Guidelines and Good Practices: Roadmap on Best Practices in the field of multilingual workplaces”. Special speaker Dr. Christina Wagoner; Cardiff University, who will present her PhD research on minority languages and health care in Welsh entitled “Language capacity building in the health and social care sectors in Wales”. After the presentations, international speakers and the participants will have a chance to participate in round table and parallel sessions to discuss the teaching / learning issues connected to minority languages and the social inclusion of migrants, especially those working in the health care sector. If you are interested in participating to the COMBI project multiplier event in Palermo please send an email to The multiplier event will be held at Moltivolti, via Mario Puglia 21 in Palermo, a co-working space where many Sicilian NGO work for the integration of migrants through non-formal education.